Hospital Referral

If your GP has suggested that you may need a specialist appointment for assessment or further advice this will be arranged for you by the Referral Support Service (RSS)


What is the Referral Support Service?

Your GP has joined with others in the area to set up a central service providing you with a fast and efficient way to choose appointments for the most appropriate clinical services for your condition/s

image of a doctor making a referral


How does it work?

Your GP will send a referral request to the RSS electronically, including notes about your medical condition, medical history and your contact details - as contact will be made via post - we will only require your correct name and address


How does this improve choice?

A much wider range of services is now available in your local community. As a central point of contact for the majority of GP referrals, the RSS will have up-to-date information on the services available. This means you will be able to get the best treatment or advice you and your GP feel you need, quickley and more efficiently.

A choice of hopsital will be provided if you are referred into a consultant-led service

RSS leaflet are available in other languages and formats - Contact the RSS on 0300 020 0013 or


Appointment Information Line

if you have been referred to or are currently under the care of a Hospital Consultant and you are waiting for a date for a hospital appointment you can now ring the appointment information line to enquire about your appointment – 0800 252060. You can also use this number if you want to change the date or cancel your appointment if you no longer need it.