Our Appointment System




Blood Clinic

The nearest Blood Test Clinics are:

  • Bannerbrook Pharmacy, 5-7 Gramercy Road CV4 9AE
  • Mount Nod Pharmacy, 126 Sutherland Avenue CV5 7NJ
  • City of Coventry Health Centre, Stoney Stanton Road, CV1 4FS. 

Please contact the clinic directly to book your blood test appointment, or you can book online with the following link:  Online Appointment Healthcare Platform | Swiftqueue  


Routine Appointments

These are appointments booked in advance by patients to see a Doctor or Nurse of their choice.


Same Day Appointments

There are a limited number of same day appointments for every surgery – these appointments are for patients that need medical treatment that day and cannot wait for the next routine appointment.


Telephone Triage Appointments

We can talk to patients at a dedicated appointment time over the telephone or undertake a video consultation to a mobile phone.  This enables the clinician to triage patient symptoms and establish if the condition can be managed remotely, or whether the patient needs to be examined and therefore a face to face appointment will be arranged. 


Extended Hours Service (EHS)

Limbrick Wood Surgery have formed an alliance with a number of Practices across the city and are now able to offer appointments between 6.30pm and 9.30pm between Monday to Friday and at daytime on Saturday 9am to 12 noon and Sunday 10am to 1pm. These additional clinics are based on the ground floor of the City of Coventry Health Centre and 60 Station Avenue, Tile Hill and are manned by GPs working across the City. If you wish to benefit from these appointments please contact our reception team before 6.30pm on Monday to Friday.

The advantage of this service is that, because the appointment is made during surgery opening hours, the patient’s notes, including allergies, all medications and the latest test results, are sent to the EHS, so the outcome is much more satisfactory.